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The trends in the movie industry are changing drastically. The times when superhero movies were filled
with men are long gone. There are more movies that include powerful female characters who are seen
fighting alongside men. The pleasant change started long ago but is just now starting to grow on the
More female superhero characters are coming forward and stunning the cinematic world. From black
widow to wonder women, the fierce women have won the hearts of the viewers all around the world.
The next in line to win over the audience was none other than Sophie Turner who is playing Jean Grey in
the latest instalment in XMEN series called Dark Phoenix.
The lethal combination of villainy and profound emotions, the character of Jean Grey redefine the way
people look at the X-Men series. The story revolved around the broken relationships, betrayal and Jean’s
struggle with her own powers.
Apart from the strong character and deep story, the setting, effects, and costumes used in this movie
were strikingly eye-catching. Everyone rocked the same old X-Men costume but, the fans of the series
were eagerly waiting for Jean Grey’s suit of armour, and it didn’t disappoint.
We are encouraging women to step forward and embrace their inner superhero by following the lead of
Jean Grey. We have recreated the armour jacket as worn by the dark Phoenix in the movie. The unique
jacket is made exactly like the one shown in a movie so all the women out there can be just as powerful
and fierce.
The Dark Phoenix Team Jacket
Smouldering and searing dark Phoenix team jacket is now available on our website, in a quality that is
hard to find. The material used on this impeccable jacket is extremely soft, sturdy, and moderately
warm. We have used a fleece cotton mix for the creation of this jacket which sets the style apart. This
blend is soft to the touch but tough and resilient to the weather conditions. We made sure that the
fabric is not thick enough so that you can only wear it during the winters.
This versatile x-men dark Phoenix merchandise can be worn during the spring season as well. It is warm
enough to keep you snug during cold and breathable enough to not suffocate you in spring. The
lightweight dark Phoenix team jacket is perfect for all weathers.
The Design
We have created this dark Phoenix costume to resemble the exact piece worn by Sophie Turner. We
have put all our efforts to make this jacket look flawless, but the design of this X-men dark Pheonix
merchandise is an epitome of fervent as well.
The yellow color which denotes loyalty and optimism is quite ironic to be on the jacket of the Dark
Phoenix despite the fact that it is a part of her personality. But the creativity behind the choice of color

is pretty evident, as yellow represents deceit as well. The large X shape on the front of the jacket in
bright yellow color signifies many things making this jacket more than a mere piece of fashion.
The black color next to the yellow does add to the vogue of this jacket. You can easily style this X-men
dark Phoenix merchandise with jeans or even a leather jacket. This can also be used for cosplay but, the
plain design and comfortable material will allow you to wear this dark phoenix team jacket in the daily
course of life as well.

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