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BATTLE ROYALE PUBG Costume Jackets for Gaming Freaks!

PUBG or Player Unknown’s battleground is a game that is not unfamiliar to anyone. This battle royale
game took to fame almost as soon as it was released in 2017. The game was released initially as a PC
game on steam as a beta version and then it escalated to a whole another level of fame when the
mobile phone version was released.
The game is one of the reasons why battle royale genre became more famous among the video game
creators and similar types of games were released, following the lead of PUBG. Despite being a favorite
of masses, the game faced a lot of controversy for being extremely addictive.
There are many things about this game that are highly compelling. The high definition graphics,
gameplay, character designs, landscape, weapons and the outfits of the character. All of these things
combined make PUBG the ultimate hit that it is today.
Although, you can’t live the dangerous version of PUBG in real life, but you can surely exhibit your love
for the game by wearing the outfits from the game. Yes! We make it possible to bring the digital
experience of this game to real life.
We are creating jackets that are inspired from the PUBG wearables. Our impeccable jackets look exactly
like the ones shown in the game. It is time to live your gaming fantasy at reasonable rates and in a safer
way. Have a look at the best PUBG costume jackets;

1- Leather Hoodie

The black leather hoodie for men in PUBG which is available in Desperado crate is one of the most
stylish PUBG costume jackets. Hoodies are usually known for being casual and boyish, although this
hoodie will definitely make you feel powerful and more poised. The reason is the sturdy material that
we used in the creation of this battleground PUBG costume. The tough leather is patent which is
provided with a warm hood. The soft lining in the jacket ensures that you remain calm and warm during
the winters. This jacket is designed to make you look more rough and tough with the buttons and zipper
closure. This PUBG costume jacket will definitely make you feel like a powerful ninja! Style it with some
narrow jeans for a bold style statement!

2- Biker jacket

When the hooded black jacket is all about looking poised and mysterious, this sleeveless battleground
biker jacket exude ultimate country boy gone astray vibe. The ragged structure and casual look of this
jacket will take you back to the farm landscape and greenery of PUBG. This biker PUBG costume jacket
will make you feel every bit primal and raw. This jacket is slim fit and has a unique cut which is meant to
fit all body types like a glove. This stylish battleground biker jacket is lined with shearling that has a

naturally warm feel to it. You can style this vest style PUBG biker jacket with a T shirt, or wear it as it is.
Throw on some cargo pants for the ultimate bad boy look!

3- Bomber jacket!

This bomber jacket is definitely one of the most famous pieces of clothing from the game
player unknown’s battle ground. This PUBG bomber jacket can be seen in one of the posters for PUBG
when the game crossed 5 million players milestone on XBOX. This fact has caused all the fans to want to
buy one for their self. The forest green bomber with the number five (that denotes the player count)
right on the chest is the customer favorite. This jacket will make you feel younger, stronger and warm
during the cold weather of winter. The PUBG bomber jacket is provided with a button closure which will
allow you to style it in multiple ways.

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